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Galborg, Jun 22, 11 7:19 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
TheWolfPack is always recruiting new members everyday. All we ask is that you are a active member.
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Welcome WolfPack
Thank you for joining the site. We are currently undergoing site maintainence. Also if you have any ideas/suggestions or you actually have the know how please let me know. Thank you, Galborg

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Guild Roster
Character NameGP UserRoleLevelPowerMovement PowerMain Weapon Legion/League Rank
Awesome Sean Rockin BonesHealer30Sorcerysuper speedbow  
Barraca This character has public journal entries.Barracas BrainsDamage30MentalFlightBrawlingHero 
black dynamitexblackdynamitex       
Blu DynamiteX Blu DyamiteXHealer 30 Sorcery FlightRifle/HandblastersLeader 
DarkPro951Proteus951xxxNature Healter  Flight   
david blaineblackdynamitex       
Epic SidekickEpicSidekick       
epic sidekickEpicSidekick       
EvilGalborgGalborgDPS/Tank20FireFlightDual Pistols  
Galborg GalborgController/DPS30MentalFlightDual PistolsHero/Leader 
Hot TamaliBlu DyamiteXTank10FireFlightStaff  
Ice Dread TheBostralian420Tank30IceFlightStaffCaptian 
King CannabinolPlagueHeritage       
LeafHealerLeafHealerNature Healer30NatureFlightRifle/Hand Blaster/BowHero 
MAX AIDMAX AIDHealer30SorceryFlightRifle  
Mind SpacerRockin BonesController30MentalFlightRifle  
mister softeeblackdynamitex       
MystiqueeBlu DyamiteXHealer/DPS NatureFlightRifle  
Night MissionPlagueHeritage       
pigeontoad283pigeontoad283Tank30FireFlightHand BlastersHero / Captain 
Poison OakBlu DyamiteX       
Proteus951 Proteus951xxxController30MentalFlightStaff/Hand BlastersHero/Alpha 
RIP DrinfiniteDrinfinite       
Risdel RisdelTank30IceFlightBrawlingHero 
Wolf BrotherRockin Bones       

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